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Never Without Music!

A few good words that will help us understand the importance of music in our lives more clearly:

  • If there was no world, there would be music Schopenhauer

  • The purpose of music is excitement, no art can evoke such a great sense of humanity in the human heart. George sand

  • Music speaks directly to the soul, and the soul can express itself best with the help of music. Wolfgang van goethe

  • Music has an appeal to soothe wild animals, soften rocks and bend centuries-old plane trees. William congreve

  • Music composes love. Shakespeare

  • The seeds of virtue in the heart grow with music. Luther

  • Music is the joy, spirit, joy and everything of life. Ataturk

Music Playlist

By clicking the arrow button from the playlist below, you can listen to the music list I have created for you, one by one or by selecting it from the list. When you hover over the numbers showing the track time on the far right of the track row, you can click on the music icon that appears and follow the lyrics from the window that opens. Come on, increase the volume and surrender your soul to music :)
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